🛠️Racing Car Upgrades & Modifications

1.External modification -
  • Body paint, bumper (crash resistance), open hood (increase engine durability), HID xenon headlights (lighting), aerodynamic kit modification - commonly known as the big package, including the intake grille (increase engine durability), side spoiler (stability), rear wrap and rear spoiler flow (tail stabilization), etc., bumper with a lower spoiler, called the chin or small package. A good kit will usually reduce the speed of the car and can make the car have more stable performance.

2.power modifications -
  • Increase the output power, modification methods are: increase the cylinder diameter, increase the compression ratio, add more valves, natural aspiration to turbocharged.

2.1 Engine modification -
  • Commonly used cylinders are 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 cylinders. Displacement below 1 liter engine commonly used three cylinders, 1.0 to 2.5 liters is generally four cylinders, about 3 liters is generally 6 cylinders, about 4 liters for 8 cylinders, 5.5 liters or more is generally 12 cylinders. 5 cylinders below the engine cylinders are generally inline arrangement, represented by the letter L, L4 on behalf of the 4-cylinder inline, 6 to 12 cylinder engines are generally V-shaped arrangement, as the name suggests is in accordance with the shape of the letter V The inline engine cylinders are arranged in a single line, simple structure, low manufacturing cost, V8 engine structure is very complex, high manufacturing cost, V12 engine is too large and heavy, only individual senior sedan, there is a W-shaped arrangement, can be understood as double V, more complex, generally used in the top luxury cars.

2.2 Intake modification -
  • The engine needs a lot of air to work. The air filter, the most important component of the intake system, is a disposable paper filter that is currently used by most OEMs. The most important advantage of the retrofit product is that it filters the air and increases the air flow rate into the combustion chamber by more than 30%, resulting in fuller fuel combustion and higher unit efficiency, resulting in better engine performance.

2.3 Ignition system-
  • The original configuration is a single harness, which is not good for voltage and current transmission. The retrofit uses multiple harnesses of firewire and high performance conductive special ignition coils to generate high voltage electrical energy to the spark plugs in large quantities and in a timely manner, increasing acceleration.

2.4 Exhaust system -
  • The exhaust efficiency is directly related to the engine performance. While the air intake increases and the combustion is intact, the exhaust efficiency also needs to be enhanced, so high performance exhaust pipes and silencers have become the goal for owners seeking power.

Maneuverability modification -

3.1 Brakes - The fastest and most direct way to improve braking performance is to replace the brake pads with high performance ones. In addition, to upgrade the braking system, you can also change the brake fluid to a higher grade, or install metal high-pressure brake lines, or use larger brake multipliers to increase the power of the brake pedal.

3.2 Tires - Different tires are required for dry and rainy conditions in track racing, and even more so for off-road racing.

3.3 Suspension - This can be divided into shock absorbers, suspension bars, and body stiffening. The most influential and most modified items are the shocks. The types of shock absorbers on the market are: original reinforced type, original reinforced body height adjustable type, professional high sport type, race special type, etc.

4.other systems -
  1. ECU Computer - Controls the fuel management system for a power boost.

  2. Fuel tank-modification to increase fuel capacity, but will reduce speed.

  3. Turbo Boost - acceleration, max speed

  4. Nitrogen boost system - increases acceleration, compensates for pre-turbo deficiencies, dry (early models), wet (modern models)

  5. Front and rear sway bars - increase handling stability

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