Vehicles are the little wives of the men in the [Gamefi-Racing] game, players need to understand the different vehicles and understand how to upgrade or modify them to win!

📍Car stats

Endurance - the times of collisions the car body can withstand.

Max Speed ​​- The upper limit of the speed that the engine affects.

Acceleration - the acceleration affected by the engine.

Steering - the ability to steer left or right turns.

Drift - the ability to manipulate drift.

Charge - The time and ability to fill up nitrogen or cast a move.

Boost - Nitrogen injection increases acceleration.

Prolong - Duration of nitrogen sparging acceleration.

📍Types of Racing

Speedy - With maximum speed, acceleration and jet ability, good air collection and sustaining ability, it is a must-have for the championship.

Muscular - strong crash resistance and longevity, good speed and acceleration ability, and is the dominant car on the race track.

Nimble - strong steering, drifting and air collection ability, and has many moves to support the team, so it is an indispensable existence for the team.

📍Racing Class

Tier1:Newby Introductory

Tier2:Normal Normal

Tier3:Advanced Advanced



Tier6:Lengendary Legend

Tier7:Godlike Myth

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