👽NFT co-branding system

Let NFT is no longer just a picture, but a fantasy journey!

NTF holders can choose their NFT collection to enter the game to play and show off.

The NFT avatar can be seen in the following places.

  1. After connecting the wallet, players can select an NFT from their NFT list as an avatar. 2.

  2. NFT avatars will be displayed on the avatar UI and above the car when others are chasing or pursuing. 3.

  3. Joint partner NFT can be designed as a functional item, and the player who equips it will get a buff gain. 4.

  4. After closing the application, NFT will also disappear, we will not save the player NFT in the game.

"We believe the NFT co-branding system will help activate and grow the NFT and Gamefi markets."

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