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After the epidemic, the era of home economy has come to change people's consumption habits drastically, to meet the needs of life through cell phones, to stay at home to solve all the things of food, clothing, housing, transportation, education and music, and even cashless payment of consumption patterns. GFR platform is committed to helping these industries extended by the home economy, such as delivery, transportation, and breaking the traditional barrier through the Web3 innovative model, and solving the pro0blems of many centralized extensions nowadays with innovative business perspectives, such as fun, driving and mining, and creating the world's most profitable platform for driving, maximizing the idle economy, breaking all the rules of the cumbersome system, and satisfying the simple and efficient lifestyle of modern people.

GFR will issue GRT (GFR), a new platform for the development of the GFR. GFR will issue GRT (GameFi Racing Tokens, GRT) as the value carrier of the Drive-based metaverse chain game platform, so that players, key opinion leaders, and Drive-related industry enterprises can be rewarded through various Drive games and actions, and game co-production and distribution.


[Gamefi-Racing] emphasis on Drive-to-Earn (&) Play-to-Own is mean "Drive to earn , play interesting soul"

"GameFi-Racing" is Asia's first 3D large-scale metaverse racing game, combining realistic scenes from around the world to provide an immersive racing experience and adding social elements and MMO experience, providing players with highly customizable gameplay and identity building to increase their in-game ownership. To build a meta-universe ecology (virtual-real OMO)

"GameFi-Racing" offers the same diverse and exciting gameplay experience as motorsports, with additional gameplay features such as NFT, open-world environments, vehicle customization options, player-defined creation tools, and more.

"The "GameFi-Racing" game is designed to be a "your-way" experience that players can define for themselves," and will be released as an ongoing interactive experience, starting in Q4 2022, with a full release date of Q3 2023. Combined with continuous player feedback through Discord and social media platforms, this will create a blockchain 3A title that truly meets the needs of players.



GameFi-Racing provides a strong community resource and environment to create the world's top online/offline racing club, gaining value from games and life, and raising players' awareness of ownership of games.

GameFi-Racing aims to change the market environment, solve the real Web3 problem, and build an interesting, young and fun chain game for Generation X.

GameFi-Racing offers Three major values

  1. Product spirit: pleasure and stress relief, sense of superiority

  2. Player commitment: Tide clothing co-branding, car manufacturers / car dealers cooperation

  3. Membership system: Top Club (participate in the physical car gathering)

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